Map Editor

Here is where you can test your level, and compile it into a single file. These files are not uploaded anywhere, and must be submitted separately through the reddit thread or our GitHub repo.

Step One - Load Background Image

First you must upload the background image for your level. The width and height must be a multiple of 16. Minimum: 144x144; Maximum: 2048x2048

Step Two - Load Data Image

Next you must follow a map data image, which follows the map data image rules.


Step Three - Spritesheets

THIS STEP IS COMPLETELY OPTIONAL! You can supply sprite sheets to replace the objects and character in your level. Both sheets must be the same size as the templates.

Objects SpriteSheet: [TEMPLATE]

Player SpriteSheet: [TEMPLATE]

Step Four - Information & Compile

Map images were successfully loaded. Enter your information and then either test or download your level. (NOTE: this level is not uploaded or submitted. you must download the level file and send it to us in order to be included in the game!)

Level Name:

Reddit Username:



Controls: WASD (or arrows) to move, SPACE to drop a breadcrumb. Find the main collectable in each level to win!


This game was a collaborative project, created by the members of /r/PixelArt, funded by Reddit's community program!

In this game you travel through mysterious portals which take you to new places, where you search for all the collectables hidden in the level.

Each level in this was created by a different member of /r/PixelArt!

The game was programmed by skeddles, and is open source on GitHub.

Level Creation

While this game is technically done, you can still create your own levels. To do so check out the guide for how to create your map, then open the Map Maker by clicking the button below. You may also want to include an object sprite sheet and player sprite sheet


If you would like to contribute to the code (javascript), check out the github: @skeddles/reddit-pixel-art-game

Additional Actions